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Building Base Isolation

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Main Features

  • Load Capacity

    High Load Capacity

    Bearings are designed to support very high loads whilst minimising column size and reducing construction cost.

  • Failsafe


    When required, CDM Stravitec solutions can be designed to accommodate failsafe systems to control deflections.

  • Lateral Restraints

    Lateral Restraints

    Isolated shear keys, isolated dowels or lateral isolation bearings can be incorporated in the overall design of buildings subjected to lateral loads (mostly from wind).

  • Uplift Restraints

    Uplift Restraints

    CDM Stravitec can design uplift restraint solutions to provide stability in situations where significant uplift loads can be expected.

  • Fire resistance

    Fire Resistance

    When required, CDM Stravitec can advise a solution for fire protection of the different building base isolation systems.  Designs to meet 2-hour fire ratings are available.

  • Replaceable & Inspectable


    Replacement strategies can be foreseen when designing building base isolation solutions, being through bespoke assemblies or using our patented Frozen Bearing Technology (see below).

Frozen Bearing Technology

Frozen Bearing Technology (FBT) technique allows CDM Stravitec to replace elastomer bearings without disturbing the building’s structure; which may become necessary if there is a significant change in the imposed load.

Though not present during the first construction phase with design started in 1958 and construction in 1964, I can state that the conservatory rehearsal class rooms, as well as the Blue and Red Concert Hall, respectively part of first and second construction phase, and both founded on “Elephant Feet”, are worldwide known for their acoustic quality with no comfort nuisance from passing trains during cultural events or from any other internal or external source – the “Elephant Feet” do not require any maintenance and do not show any signs of deterioration after more than 50 years of being in operation.

Paul Vermeir

Technical Director deSingel


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