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Stravibase Fix

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System Components


  • Isolator: resilient bearing located between the structures which are to be decoupled.

  • Stabilizer(s): located in each fastening element to decouple them from the isolated structure whilst allowing the necessary torque load.

  • Elastomer sleeves: located inside the fixing hole to decouple the fixing from the isolated structure.


Main Benefits


  • Can accommodate any size or acoustic load

  • Compatible with any type of construction

  • Natural frequencies of 4Hz to 20Hz can be achieved

  • Designed with either spring or elastomeric isolators

  • Installation can be horizontal or vertical

  • Quick and easy to install

  • Provides a high degree of structural stability

  • Up-lift force resistance due to the pre-compression controlled device

  • High shear stiffness for lateral force stability


Design Requirements


  • Natural frequency requirement
  • Working dead and live loads on each contact point

  • Available surface

  • Fastening elements locations

  • Pre-compression forces


*Previously known as CDM-FIX

Case Studies