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Structural Stability & Acoustic Comfort

Our Straviwood acoustic isolation solutions are specifically designed to address the unique challenges of CLT and modular construction. With our state-of-the-art materials and techniques, we can provide excellent sound isolation between rooms. Our solutions are customizable and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your project, ensuring that your building is not only sustainable but also practical and comfortable.

The primary reason for poor acoustic isolation in CLT construction is due to the lack of mass in the panels. Although CLT panels are thicker than traditional wood, they are still much lighter than concrete or masonry. This means that they do not provide as much mass to block sound transmission. In addition, the cross-lamination process creates a layered structure that allows sound to travel more easily through the panels.

Acoustic comfort is an important consideration, particularly in multi-family or commercial buildings where noise can be a significant issue and additional sound insulation measures may be necessary to meet specific acoustic requirements.

Modular construction also requires careful attention to both structural stability and acoustic comfort. Modular buildings are constructed off-site in factory settings, with individual modules then transported to the site for assembly. Acoustic performance in modular buildings can be improved through the use of sound insulation solutions such as the ones available in our Straviwood range.

In summary, both CLT and modular construction offer many benefits, but maintaining structural stability and acoustic comfort are critical considerations. Proper design and engineering, along with the use of appropriate materials and construction techniques, can help to ensure that these objectives are met.

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