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Premier Inn Howard Street

United Kingdom
Stravibase SpringBox
Stravibase VHS
Premier Inn Howard Street (interior)
Premier Inn
Farrell & Clark
RMP Acoustics
Patrick Parsons

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A new Premier Inn is being built in the heart of Glasgow in between St Enoch Square and the Clyde.

The building is located directly adjacent to an underground train line which runs underneath Dixon Street. The Acoustic Consultants specified that the portion of the building next to the railway needed to be installed on 3.5Hz springs. The part of the building further from the building could be on 10Hz elastomer bearings.

Stravibase SpringBox pre-compressed spring bearings were used near the railway with a pre-compression that matched the deflection of the elastomer bearings.

10Hz Stravibase VHS elastomer bearings with integrated fail-safe were used for the part of the building further from the railway.

CDM Stravitec designed steel plates and tension caps to cope with disproportionate collapse and also shear keys to restrict movement on bearings located on braced bays.