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Stravibase SEB

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Main Benefits


  • Ease of installation

  • Lifespan of greater than 50 years

  • Versatility – Stravibase SEB can be tailor made to accommodate all

  • types of construction applications such as load bearing masonry,

  • reinforced concrete frames and steel constructions

  • High lateral stiffness providing greater lateral stability


Design Requirements


  • Natural frequency required
  • Working dead and live loads
  • Lateral and turning forces
  • Practical information such as contact area
  • Fixing locations if required


*Previously known as CDM-SEB

Frozen Bearing Technology

Frozen Bearing Technology (FBT) technique allows us to replace elastomer bearings such as Stravibase SEB without disturbing the building’s structure; which may become necessary if there is a significant change in the imposed load.

Case Studies