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Stravibase VHS

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  • High Load Capacity

    High Load Capacity

    This solution is suitable to support important loads under reduced footprint.

  • Easy & Quick Installation

    Easy Installation

    For easy identification and quick installation, all Stravibase VHS bearings are shipped and labelled individually.

  • Durability & Performance

    Durability & Performance

    A wide range of elastomers and dimensions are proposed by CDM Stravitec to allow for different performances.

  • Replaceable & Inspectable

    Replaceable & Inspectable

    Stravibase  VHS can be replaced at any time. It is the ideal solution for buildings with different foreseen intended uses.

Frozen Bearing Technology

Frozen Bearing Technology (FBT) technique allows us to replace elastomer bearings such as Stravibase VHS without disturbing the building’s structure; which may become necessary if there is a significant change in the imposed load.

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