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Stravibase VHS

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Main Benefits


  • VHS bearings provide the same acoustic performance as standard elastomer bearings which are more than twice their size; thereby having a significant impact on a buildings structural cost.

  • They are quick and easy to install, thereby minimizing associated labor costs. Top and bottom plates can be added to suit the specific method of installation.

  • Our engineers will design a configuration of VHS to best suit the structural element requiring support.

  • If required VHS bearings can be designed to be replaced one at a time using our “frozen bearing technique”


Design Requirements


  • Natural frequency required
  • Permanent and variable loads
  • Lateral and turning forces


*Previously known as CDM-VHS

Frozen Bearing Technology

Frozen Bearing Technology (FBT) technique allows us to replace elastomer bearings such as Stravibase VHS without disturbing the building’s structure; which may become necessary if there is a significant change in the imposed load.

Case Studies