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High Park Condominium

Stravibase SEB
High Park Condos (exterior)
The Daniels Corporation
The Daniels Corporation
Diamond Schmitt Architects
J. E. Coulter & Association
CPE Structural Consultants Limited

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The 14-storey building High Park Condos constructed right on top of the Toronto subway required an isolation solution to eliminate train vibration within the building.

A 63 Hz disturbing frequency generated by subway, measured 3 to 5 floors below ground level, 0.3 to 0.4 mm/s rms. Target vibration isolation ranged from 0.05 to 0.10 mm/s rms.

A turn-key solution was implemented to meet the performance and construction demands by isolating the footings of the building, using two reinforced steel pans, one within the other, with Stravibase SEB isolation pads in between.

This provided a series of advantages such as: a water-tight system, exact placement of Stravibase SEB pads, formwork to accept footing/column rebar and concrete, even distribution of column loads, and fire protection, ultimately reducing on-site labour costs, nuisances, and slower installation.

No perceived or measured vibration has been reported in the building structure.