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CDM Stravitec has been engineering and installing fitness isolation solutions since the early 1970s. Our continuous investment in R&D and years of real-world experience has yielded a greater understanding of the driving forces behind structure-borne noise from fitness activities and how to isolate them effectively.

Today, gyms and sports facilities are more accessible than ever, often located next door or in the same buildings where we work and live.
Without addressing noise and vibration from exercise activities (such as booming low frequency sound from weight impacts, thumping bass from aerobic class music, and the percussive noise from cardio and strength equipment) it can become a significant noise nuisance affecting well-being and health.

From conception to completion, we at CDM Stravitec pride ourselves in being a full-service solution provider that designs, manufactures, and delivers market leading noise and vibration isolation products that help make your world a quieter place.

Stravigym is our brand for lightweight isolated fitness and gym floors.

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