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Fitness & Gym Isolated Floating Floors

The need to access fitness as part of our daily routine has resulted in gyms and fitness studios being integrated into many multi-purpose residential and commercial buildings. Fitness activities generate a high level of structure-borne vibration and airborne noise, particularly at low frequencies, which are not covered by existing acoustic standards and test devices. Left unaddressed, it can be challenging to facilitate basic acoustic comfort in those mixed-use buildings, often resulting in disputes and legal issues.

Careful selection of the flooring system is crucial when designing fitness facilities to avoid noise issues with tenants or patrons. The finish flooring is an important component of the flooring system and should be selected based on the types of workout and impacts expected.

Acoustic Design Guide

Gym Areas

While every fitness facility is different, there are typically different zones of activity, which generate different levels of noise and vibration. CDM Stravitec’s Stravigym solutions are well suited for each of these different zones ensuring proper acoustical performance and stability for the athlete.

Stravigym Gym Plan (USA)
  • Easy & Quick Installation

    Easy & Quick to Install

    Allowing existing clubs with acoustic issues to reopen after only a couple of days or even to stay open during installation

  • Lightweight Systems


    Perfect solution for existing buildings where the extra weight of a concrete floor is not feasible

  • Reduced Build-up Height

    Limited Extra Build-up Height

    Efficient solution to safely manage impact energy even in areas with restricted additional floor build-up height

  • Noise Reduction

    Noise Reduction

    Tested and proven high levels of isolation performance, particularly at low frequencies

  • Gym Activities

    Compatible with Different Gym Activities

    Engineered floating floor systems designed to be compatible with all types of activities and with acoustical performance less dependent on impact energy level

  • Easy to Dismantle and Reinstall

    Easy to Dismantle and Reinstall

    Possible to easily be dismantled and reinstalled at another venue, being a non permanent solution, perfect for rented spaces

  • Protection of Substrate

    Protection of Substrate

    Effective solution to prevent subfloor micro-cracking and guarantee its long term performance

  • Long-lasting


    Long lasting solution with no required maintenance

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