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Making your world a quieter place

We specialize in noise and vibration isolation solutions for buildings and industrial equipment.

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Why Us

  • Experience

    Established in 1951, CDM Stravitec’s reputation is built on a passion for solving noise and vibration problems, a professional approach, technical excellence, customer service, and, most of all, our people. Our clients rely on decades of experience and trust us to bring the right solution to every project we undertake.

  • Engineering & Customization

    Our highly qualified team of engineers has a thorough understanding of the properties of sound generation, propagation, and its effect, it uses sophisticated calculation software (FEM, SOLIDS, BIM, etc.) to predict system performance, and provide detailed drawings and installation plans for each project. Because of this, clients welcome us working closely with them and their project teams.

  • Research & Development

    CDM Stravitec’s ongoing R&D program continuously expands the understanding of raw materials. Continuous investment into acoustical and mechanical property testing (in-house testing) allows us to provide material science and test reports for many applications. Collaboration with leading international universities and testing institutes enables us to develop high-performing acoustical solutions for tomorrow.

  • Installation Assistance

    How well a system performs largely depends on the quality and care taken during installation (eliminating possible mechanical bridging and noise flanking). By overseeing installation and addressing any issues that may occur, we can provide the necessary warranties, giving you complete peace of mind.


Recent Projects

Bowlero - Miami World Center

SANA Evolution Cascais - Estoril Hotel

Boxing Factory Nijmegen

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