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Wall Isolation Systems


Fully isolated walls are often required to prevent noise travelling between adjacent rooms or from the structure of the building. The sound insulation and vibration isolation of these walls can be improved by introducing resilient fixings to decouple them from each other and/or resilient strips to isolate them from the supporting structure.


Ceiling Suspension Systems


There is often a requirement for a suspended ceiling to protect an area from noise generated by activities in spaces directly above. CDM Stravitec’s range of resilient hangers maximise the sound insulation of suspended ceilings by isolating them from the supporting structure, therefore providing significant improvements in airborne and impact noise level.




When a wall and ceiling system are installed together with an isolated floor (see Stravifloor range), to form a completely isolated room, a box-inbox construction has been created. In many instances, depending on the particular building design, structural isolation may also be a feature of the box-in-box. This high level of isolation provides the ultimate performance in sound insulation.

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