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Most types of industrial plant, manufacturing machinery and building services equipment generate high levels of noise and vibration; which typically will result in impact, airborne and structure-borne noise nuisance. If left untreated, these high levels of noise and vibration can become a health and safety concern for people working in the immediate location, or in adjacent offices and buildings.

The long term degenerative effects of high levels of vibration on machinery are also a concern and can commonly be the cause of frequent breakdowns, expensive part replacement and loss of valuable production time.

CDM Stravitec offers a wide range of high performance industrial noise and vibration solutions from our offices located throughout the world. Because there are many variables in size, type and functionality of machinery and equipment the vast majority of CDM Stravitec’s industrial solutions are bespoke; although we do also offer a range of systems for more standard applications.

CDM Stravitec’s many years experience in the industrial market, highly skilled engineering team and sophisticated computer analysis software enables us to design solutions for even the most complex industrial noise and vibration application.

Our standard systems are divided into two categories and following is a brief overview for each of them.

Typical examples of where our industrial solutions can be used to minimise the effects of noise and vibration from machinery:

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