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Stravimech Bearing

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Main Benefits


  • Temperature differences: significant stiffening effect at the glazing temperature around -35°C; significant softening effect when reaching temperatures around and above +100°C; in-between these extremes, the material characteristics can be considered fairly constant

  • Excellent electrical resistance

  • Good resistance to most oils and solvents (details available on request)

  • Very low natural frequency (< 3 Hz) 

  • Frequency can be tuned to expected performance

  • Frictionless movement

  • Height regulation possible

  • Wide range of Stravimech Bearing systems available to cope with different requirements 


Design Requirements


  • Weight and load distribution of the machine to be supported on Stravimech Bearing

  • Available space for the supports (surface and height)

  • Excitation frequency of the machine to be supported

  • The required vibration isolation performance or natural frequency of the solution

  • Specific conditions

  • Location of center of gravity of the machine to be isolated 

  • Support surface layout


*Previously known as CDM-MACHINE-PAD & CDM-AIR

Case Studies