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CRISOL Data Center El Corte Inglés

Stravifloor Jackup-R
Data Center
El Corte Inglés
IFG Ingenieria

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Efficient and reliable IT operations are a crucial aspect of most organizations around the world today. What is more, they are often a condition to manage their operations. This is especially true for a company like CRISOL Data Center El Corte Inglés, that must meet the highest security standards to ensure the integrity and functionality of the telecommunications rack and data storage equipment.

In order to protect the IT equipment from external vibrations, e.g. caused by earthquakes, the customer decided to install a Stravifloor Jackup high-performance floating slab. With a natural frequency of 4,5 Hz, the vibration isolation system also allows for complete accessibility to the bearing boxes for any future interventions.

Due to the request for a system with resistance to seismic movements, special lateral buffers (dampers) were installed on the floating slab in order to limit the horizontal sliding and to minimize the transmitted loads to the installed equipment.

The floor was finished with a stroked slab, topped with an epoxy layer.