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Volkswagen Autoeuropa

Stravifloor Prefab
Volkswagen Autoeuropa (assembly line)
Factorial – Desenvolvimento Integrado de Projectos e Construções, Lda.
Estoril Monte, Lda.

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Autoeuropa is an automotive assembly plant owned by Volkswagen, located in the city of Palmela, near Lisbon, Portugal. Built in 1991, it began operations in 1995. VW Autoeuropa produces over 860 cars per day, making it one of the largest car plants in Europe.

A special Stravifloor Prefab spring solution with a natural frequency of 4Hz was designed to support a 350 mm thick reinforced concrete floating slab, embedded in the floor, which in turn supports a 135 ton CNC precision milling machine. The isolation system was designed to prevent precision errors by the milling machine caused by the close proximity of a hydraulic press. In addition, a custom made lateral buffer in the floating concrete perimeter guarantees low dynamic stiffness and high deflections in the isolated concrete slab.