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Stravifloor Deck

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  • High Performance

    High Performance

    Using resilient supports outstanding dynamic to static stiffness (Kdyn/Kstat) ratio, allowing a low resonant frequency at minimal deflection.

  • Discrete System

    Discrete System

    Using durable and with exceptionally low creep rate discrete resilient supports.

  • Reduced Build-up Height

    Reduced Build-up Height

    Using a dovetailed metal decking, light gauge galvanized steel reinforcement sheets, the system has high bending stiffness allowing for concrete toppings as thin as 2 inches (50 mm).

  • Lightweight Systems


    Lighter than massive concrete systems due the deck sheet shape used as formwork, a metal deck, moisture resistant, light and easy to handle and free of autochthonous parasites or other harmful organisms.

Main Characteristics

  • Available with either spring bearings or natural rubber or AASHTO-grade neoprene pads

  • Natural frequency: ≥ 6 Hz (elastomeric pads) or ≥ 2.5 Hz (springs)

  • Product standard height: 2'' (50 mm) (elastomeric pads) or 2-33/64'' (64 mm) (springs)

  • Minimum system height: 4'' (100 mm)

  • Minimum air gap: 2'' (50 mm)


*Previously known as CDM-QuietDECK

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