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Santander Totta

Stravifloor Jackup-R
Santander Totta (exterior)
Grupo Santander
Ferrovial Agroman, S.A.
FVA – Frederico Valsassina Arquitectos
Engenharia de Acústica e Ambiente, Lda.
JSJ – Consultoria e Projectos de Engenharia, Lda.

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Santander Group is a Spanish investment bank active in Portugal since 1988, with their headquarters in Praça de Espanha, Lisbon.

The original main building designed by Frederico Valsassina, received an extension in 2015. The bank’s new operational building occupies a total area of 9,600 m² and houses over 2,200 people. For the construction of the additional buildings, the sloped terrain had to be overcome. Three semi-buried and internally connected building blocks were constructed around the existing building. The 22.000 m² construction site houses an underground parking lot, an auditorium, gym and office spaces.

Stravifloor Jackup floating floor solution with a natural frequency of 8Hz, designed to support a 100 mm thick reinforced concrete floating floor, was installed in the gym situated on the -2nd floor between the office levels, to shield the surrounding office spaces from unwanted noise and vibration. Reinforced steel boxes cast into concrete and jacked-up after the concrete has cured, effectively decouple the entire floor surface of the rest of the building.