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Riviéra Modřany

Czech Republic
Stravibase VHS
Stravifloor Prefab
Riviéra Modřany (exterior)
Sekyra group a.s.
Unistav Construction a.s. & Aspira Construction a.s.
Pohl Statika s.r.o.
AED project a.s.
Ing. Jan Stěnička

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BeláriePark II is a new residential project in the 12th district of Prague, near the river Vltava. The project consists of 5 apartment buildings surrounded by lush greenery, while having an easy tram connection to Prague’s historical city center.

Due to acoustic requirements, anti-vibration systems have been applied here to attenuate vibrations and structure-borne noise for buildings (Building Base Isolation). It is a complex of five residential buildings, all of which are exposed to vibrations from freight trains and a passing train known as the “Posázavský pacifik”.

The buildings were divided into lower unisolated and upper superstructures already insulated at the interface under the ceilings of the 1st underground floor.

The compact energy-efficient MINIMAX apartment buildings are placed on Stravibase VHS elastomeric bearings to isolate them from the vibrations coming from the nearby train track. More specifically, Stravibase VHS damping system was installed on the walls and column heads.

The vibration-exposed elevators, which undergo a vibration cut, were attenuated by an efficient Stravibase Prefab floating floor system and a full-surface anti-vibration mat Stravibase Lateral vertically between the box-in-box walls, as well as reinforced concrete stops of higher load-bearing capacity.