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Black Rose Gym

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Black Rose Gym (interior)
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Black Rose Gym’s mission is to inspire their members to believe in themselves, motivating them to work hard and above all to encourage them to have a positive impact on the lives of others.

The goal of having a positive impact on other people’s lives goes beyond the gym-goers, it is also about the neighbours and their comfort. That is why Resonate Consultants have been engaged by Black Rose Gym to assess the existing noise levels in the gym and provide practical advice to reduce noise pollution from the gym to the adjoining residential property.

The most well-known gym floor systems were considered as possible solutions, including CDM Stravitec systems. Weight drop tests were carried out using a 30 kg dumbbell, which fell from thigh height (0.7 m above floor finish level) for all scenarios using mats. Additional weight drop tests were performed using 10-25 kg dumbbells and 60-120 kg barbells.

For each test, the LAFmax and LFmax spectra were measured in the room where the acoustical problem occurs. The LFmax spectra were compared with the NR curve to confirm that the low frequency content was not too high.

By installing a Stravigym XP system with dBooster® technology and Stravigym GympactLayer-45 as an impact absoption layer gives the following results: LFmax of NR19 on the ground floor and first floor, well within the NR30 target criteria.

Based on these test results, a Stravigym XP system was used on the deadlift zones and Stravigym GympactLayer-20 on the low impact zones.