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Perched on a hill overlooking the city, the 5-star Corinthia Hotel Lisbon with its soaring tower offering memorable views over the impressive 18th-century Aquaduct of Águas Livres, is the perfect holiday retreat for those looking for a good and quiet night’s sleep. Popular with both high-end business travelers and tourists, the Corinthia raises the bar in terms of hospitality and luxury.

Bringing multiple spaces with different functions into a single building is a challenge in terms of acoustic comfort. The hotel’s gym is located above a meeting room and next to the wellness area where guests try to unwind
after a hectic day. The existing floor system in the gymnasium was insufficient to cope with the heavy impact of falling dumbbells and kettlebells and to guarantee the acoustic comfort expected by the hotel guests.

Together with the project designer Barra Mestra and the installation team of Interior Único, CDM Stravitec designed a floating floor solution that offers optimal performance, functionality and will last a lifetime.

Eventually, we opted for a Stravigym XP system with Stravigym GympactLayer-45 and dBooster® technology, a dry and lightweight floor specially designed to deal effectively and safely with high impact energy from falling weights. This system is the perfect solution for existing buildings where the extra weight and height of a concrete floor is not feasible, and where rebound is to be limited to guarantee user safety.

Stravigym lightweight systems are quick and easy to install and compatible with the most common floor coverings, allowing Corinthia Hotel Lisbon to reuse their existing rubber floor on top of our acoustical floating floor system.

By supervising the installation and immediately addressing any problems that may arise during this process, we can be sure of a perfect installation that will allow the chosen floor system to work optimally for the entire lifetime of the gym. The Corinthia Hotel Lisbon will be ready to reopen as soon as the wordwide pandemic has subsided, offering what the Corinthia Hotel’s guests have come to expect: comfort, relaxation and a safe atmosphere.