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Stravifloor Channel

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  • High Performance

    High Performance

    Uses resilient elements that offer extremely low and constant resonant frequency over a wide load range.

  • Discrete System

    Discrete System

    Discrete floating floor system using mold and water-resistant isolators durable and with an exceptionally low creep rate.

  • Enhanced Stiffness

    Enhanced Stiffness

    Using strong, galvanized steel channels over the isolation pads, improving the structural stability of the floating floor and allowing for larger isolation pads spacing.

  • Lightweight Systems

    Suitable for Lightweight Systems

    The ideal choice to maximize noise insulation when an existing structure cannot support a heavyweight floating concrete slab.

Main Characteristics

  • Available with either natural rubber or AASHTO-grade neoprene rubber pads
  • Natural frequency: ≥ 6 Hz

  • Product standard height: 1-3/16'' (30 mm) and 2'' (50 mm)

  • Minimum system height: 2-11/16'' (68 mm) (panelized system)

  • Minimum air gap: 1-3/16'' (30 mm)


*Previously known as CDM-LAT

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