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Nanolab Pannon University

Stravimech Bearing-Air
Nanolab (exterior)
Pannon University
VÉP-Mester Kft.

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On the Pannon University campus in Veszprém, Hungary, a new laboratory building opened, housing a very sensitive electron microscope. At this state-of-the-art research facility the structure, composition, and morphology of solid materials, from atomic resolution to the micrometer scale, using a wide variety of electron microscopy techniques is being studied.

During the design process, low-frequency vibrations were detected. It was not clear if they were coming from an unknown source, Veszprém being a home for several factories for the automotive industry, or if it was just the background vibration naturally occurring in the ground.

To shield the sensitive electron microscope from the measured vibrations, a massive inertia block installed on top of Stravimech Bearing-Air isolators, was designed. These air cushions have a resonant frequency of less than 2 Hz.

CDM Stravitec supplied 24 double-chamber bearings together with the air-pressure regulating system so the air cushion isolators would operate as they were designed to.

Lateral stability of the machine base, which is always an issue in case of low internal damping solutions, was solved with custom-made pre-compressed elastomeric bearings.