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Moxy Hotel at The Residence

Stravifloor Channel
The Residence - Moxy Hotel Antwerp
Marriott International, Inc.
Democo Group
HUB & ABC - Plan ID nv
Wouter De Ceuster

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Where once stood the illustrious dance temple ‘Zillion’, the construction of the new building project ‘The Residence’ has been in full swing since 2017.  The project includes 93 apartments, a Moxy hotel, a Colruyt supermarket, offices and a Total petrol station. After completion of the construction works, the public space around the new building site will also be redesigned. The special location and the panoramic views over the ‘Gedempte Zuiderdokken’ and the courthouse make The Residence a unique project in Antwerp. 

The Residence is also home to a 4-star hotel. Above the residential properties, the first Antwerp branch of Moxy Hotel, part of the Marriott hotel chain, will soon open its doors. With 135 rooms fashionably decorated by Ikea and a hip sky bar, that welcomes guests and residents alike, Moxy Hotel Antwerp is a welcomed addition. As you would expect from Ikea, the look and feel is Scandinavian, light and cozy. However, the furniture in the hotel rooms will not be made by the Swedish furniture manufacturer. Apparently, they are not sturdy enough for hotels. 

CDM Stravitec was called in to design a floating floor system that provides the necessary sound insulation in the four-star hotel. By means of a Stravifloor Channel, a resilient floating floor based on floor channels containing elastomeric supports made from high-quality natural rubber, the rooftop bar of the Moxy hotel is acoustically isolated from the guest rooms below.

The insulation material in between the metal floor channels contributes to the acoustic insulation and prevents the so-called ‘standing wave effect’. MDF formwork was then installed over the floor joists, over which, in turn, reinforced concrete was poured.

Special to this project is the installation of a 1 meter high raised access floor (computer flooring) on top of the Stravifloor Channel floating floor. Once the computer floor is installed, the windows and doors shown in the photos will be aligned with the final floor.