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Cereol Factory

Stravifloor Prefab
Cereol Factory (exterior)
Cereolfabriek Utrecht
Paul van Zeeland

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The ‘Cereolfabriek’ in Utrecht is a landmark building where linseed oil used to be produced. It closed for business in 1973 and in 2008 suffered significant fire damage whilst empty. Redevelopment of the building started in 2012 and today it houses a primary school, an art centre, a restaurant, gym, theatre and offices.

A high acoustic performance was specified because of the buildings multi-functional use. Floors have been isolated using the Stravifloor Prefab system, walls using the Stravilink QR brackets and ceilings isolated by incorporating the Stravilink CC60 hangers into the suspended ceiling. Structural steel support elements were isolated by designing bespoke isolated steel boxes and steel staircases decoupled the main structure by introducing a bespoke Stravibase Fix system.