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Dealing with acoustical issues in gyms

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An interview with César Simón, Basic-Fit Product Manager and Inigo Arana, CDM Stravitec Country Manager

With gyms and fitness centers popping up in ever more places, including mixed-use buildings and high-rises, proper noise and vibration isolation is of paramount importance.

Acoustic gym floating floors play a crucial role in helping members have a good workout, without having to worry about disturbing the neighbors. The use of free weights such as kettlebells and barbells in particular, generates constant noise, disturbing other gym-goers, staff, and neighboring homes and businesses. Even the percussive noise from cardio equipment can become a significant noise nuisance, affecting well-being and health.

Modern-day gyms, including the internationally operating Basic-Fit fitness chain, are paying more and more attention to noise and vibration isolation when designing or refurbishing their gyms. Basic-Fit, who’s mission it is to make fitness and well-being accessible to all, understands better than anyone else, that acoustic design doesn’t stop at sound absorption. Not only do they make sure that they create pleasant and comforting workout spaces, where sound levels are responsibly managed, but they also go out of their way to maintain a good relationship with their neighbors by properly insulating noise and vibrations.

Our shared passion for well-being and the world of fitness has led Basic-Fit and CDM Stravitec to partner up since a couple of years. Building on our longstanding expertise regarding fitness and gym acoustic floating floors, CDM Stravitec help Basic-Fit with the design of soundproof gyms from the early stages of conception.

Recently, a brand-new Basic-Fit club opened in the heart of Madrid. We met with both César Simón, the gym chain’s local product manager and our own country manager, Iñigo Arana, for an in-depth interview on the importance of fitness and gym isolated floating floors.

Who is Basic-Fit?

Basic-Fit is a multinational company that has been operating in Spain for more than 7 years. Our aim is to make fitness and a healthy lifestyle accessible to everyone. We have more than 900 gyms across Europe and the well-being of our members is vital to us. We offer a healthy lifestyle focused on fun and well-being.


Why is acoustics important?

When designing a gym, Basic-Fit takes every technical detail into account to create a perfect training environment that is pleasant, safe and comforting. One of our main concerns when building and opening a new club is the soundproofing of all areas: walls, windows, and floors. Insulating the building against shocks with a ‘Stravigym XP’ floor is one of the most important aspects. This not only reduces vibrations but also improves our gym in every sense of the word.


Why did Basic-Fit partner up with CDM Stravitec for the design and installation of acoustic floating floors?

We have been working with CDM Stravitec since 2018-2019 because of their professional approach, industry experience, and full-service support. Their isolation systems are quick and easy to install, lightweight and easy to transport. We can install them in areas that are limited in terms of the weight they can support. In addition, these systems are acoustically very effective and are designed specifically for each area of the club such as the cardio area, the free weight area, and the strength area.


What are the benefits of having a gym floating floor installed?

The benefits of installing this type of floor for acoustic insulation are manifold. Not only because we want to offer our customers a workout environment free of noise and vibrations. But also, because it makes us "good neighbors" to all those living in the vicinity. We not only have to think about our members, to whom we want to offer the best experience and equipment no matter in which workout zone or club they are, but also about all those who live near us, and we want them to have us as the place to come to practice sports and improve their health.

Who is CDM Stravitec?

CDM Stravitec has been engineering noise and vibration isolation solutions since 1951. We are headquartered in Belgium and have 10 subsidiaries all over the world. Over the past 70 years, our acoustic solutions have been installed in auditoriums, theatres, cinemas, recording studios and in gyms, such as the one we are in today in Madrid.

In Spain in particular, we have been involved in a wide variety of projects for many years. In early 2021, we opened a local branch to be closer to our customers and offer better support.


How does CDM Stravitec help gym chains like Basic-Fit to soundproof their clubs?

For many years, the transmission of structure-borne noise and vibration in gyms was not taken into account. More recently, large chains like Basic-Fit are investing in the latest technology to make these gyms as good as possible.

We work hand in hand with the gyms (our customers) and acoustic consultants to mitigate potential noise issues and make an accurate diagnosis to determine the right solution for each zone. It’s crucial to identify the source of the noise, predict the behavior of the systems, and install a mock-up on which we perform in situ measurements since both the application and the source of noise are quite tricky and don’t always follow predefined standards.

Success stories like this one show that with the right technical solutions, such as our range of Stravigym acoustic floating floors, it is possible to integrate a gym into a building that did not seem quite suitable for it, thereby ensuring customer satisfaction and the comfort of the neighbors.

Iñigo Arana

Country Manager CDM Stravitec (ES)