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CrossFit GVA - Weight Drop Test

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Acoustic Weight Drop Test

Exercise is noisy

Whether it is the percussive noise from cardio equipment or the booming low frequency sound from weight impacts, all these activities create a significant amount of airborne and impact sound.

Dropping even a relatively small weight, such as a kettlebell, from a height as low as a couple of feet will create huge vibrations which can easily be heard in adjacent rooms, leading to noise complaints from neighbors.

Isolated Fitness & Gym Floor Systems

Getting the right flooring is the number one step gym owners should take to minimize gym noise. Stravigym dry and lightweight floating floor solutions are specially designed to provide superior sound reduction. These systems are performance-engineered to control vibrations, minimize low-frequency impact noise, and reduce the transmission of audible structure-borne sound, allowing gym owners and tenants to happily co-exist.

Jon Ingram, owner of CrossFit GVA in Geneva, Switzerland, found his business in jeopardy when noise complaints began to come in. The gym, which is surrounded by residential apartments and is open until late at night, generated a lot of noise, something that the neighbors didn’t appreciate.

To resolve the problem, CrossFit GVA turned to CDM Stravitec to install a Stravigym acoustic floor that would effectively isolate the building. Under the watchful eye of the owner and an acoustician we decided to install a mock-up on which several in situ weight drop tests were performed.

Noise measurements in several adjoining apartments have shown that Stravigym floating floors significantly reduce the volume as the energy of the impact is dispersed over a longer time frame into the flooring. Even the biggest impact of a barbell (1275 N.m) falling from shoulder height was absorbed by the acoustic floor system, convincing the gym owner of the effectiveness of our Stravigym solutions.