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Straviwood WallBreak-P

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Main Characteristics

  • Minimizes the contact surface (less material needed)
  • Ideal for wall-floor decoupling in CLT constructions
  • Suited for all wood-based materials
  • No additional tooling required for correct installation
  • Material range with high load capacity, offering a wide range of workloads
  • Excellent long term behaviour (low creep / differential deflection)
  • Standard thicknesses of 13/16'' (20 mm) (other thicknesses available upon request)
  • Detailed installation plan available upon request
  • Can be glued (see installation manual for recommended glues)
  • Coefficient of friction ≥0.5
  • Can be glued to the CLT wall either on site or in our factory
  • Available as loose pads or glued to HPL (clustered)
  • Optional: the gap between the pads can be filled with light dense mineral wool (on site or in factory)
  • Quick and easy to install

Case Studies