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National Lottery of Belgium

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National Lottery of Belgium (exterior)
The Belgian State
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Not many people know that The National Lottery of Belgium was founded in 1934 as the Colonial Lottery to raise money for ailing Belgian Congo. In the early 1960’s the lottery was rebranded as the National Lottery. A decade later the National Lottery organised the popular ‘Lotto’ lottery game.

The Lotto draws take place on Place De Brouckère in Brussels, visible to everyone. There are two Lotto draws per week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 7 pm. Even if Wednesday or Saturday is a public holiday, the draw still takes place.

Since the early days of the Lotto, the draws are broadcast on national TV on the evening of the draw,
giving people the chance to immediately figure out if they won the jackpot or not.

At the National Lottery of Belgium headquarters at Place De Brouckère, numerous cameras capture every
moment of the draw. In the past, problems often arose because vibrations from people walking around
on the floor above the ceiling to which the cameras were mounted interfered with the sensitive recording

To stop the transmission of unwanted vibrations and guarantee that the TV cameras hang still at all times, Stravilink PHR spring isolation hangers were installed.

After the intervention the invitees to the lounge above the studio could once again walk around freely during the broadcast, as no disturbing movements of the cameras below them were detected anymore.