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Čtvrť Emila Kolbena (Building B)

Czech Republic
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Čtvrť Emila Kolbena (Building B)
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Ing. Jan Stěnička
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The Čtvrť Emila Kolbena  project is a new residential development located in the prosperous area of Prague 9 in Vysočany. The project is part of the ongoing redevelopment of former brownfields in the area, and it aims to provide modern and comfortable residential units for the residents. However, one of the challenges faced during the construction of the residential tower was the issue of vibrations caused by the subway and road below the building. To address this issue, anti-vibration systems were implemented to dampen the vibrations and building noise, ensuring a comfortable living environment for the residents.

Due to the acoustic requirements of the residential tower Building B, it was crucial to implement effective anti-vibration systems to minimize the impact of vibrations from the subway and road traffic. The building was divided into lower uninsulated and upper insulated superstructures, with isolation already in place at the interface below the ceilings of the first floor. To further dampen the vibrations, Stravibase VHS discrete elastomeric bearings were installed on the walls and column heads at this level. Additionally, the box-in-box construction of the associated elevator and staircase was also dampened using the same system to minimize the transmission of vibrations.

To address the issue of noise transmission from the elevators, Stravifloor Prefab high-performance floating floor systems were installed horizontally in the elevator shafts. This floating floor system effectively isolates the elevator from the surrounding structure, minimizing the transmission of vibrations to the surrounding rooms. Additionally, Stravibase Mat full surface mats were installed vertically to further dampen the vibrations. Furthermore, reinforced concrete stops with higher load capacity were used to ensure the stability of the superstructure in the horizontal direction.

The implementation of acoustic isolators in the Čtvrť Emila Kolbena project proved to be successful in mitigating the impact of vibrations from the subway and vehicular road on the residential tower, ensuring a comfortable living environment for the residents. The positive vibration measurement results were confirmed by measurements taken by an accredited laboratory after completion of the construction.