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Cascais Bay (Bayview)

Stravibase Lateral
Stravifloor Deck
Cascais Bay (Bayview) (exterior)
Grand Bay Residences - Sicafi, S.a.
Teixeira Duarte
Fragmentos De Arquitectura

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Cascais, ones a charming little fishing town is now a premier holiday destination with thousands of tourists and locals visiting each year, attracted by the gorgeous beaches, luxury shops, golf courses, and of course, its mild climate all year round.

The Bayview development is a unique real estate project transforming the entrance to Cascais. Bayview covers an area of approximately 21,700 sqm and features many green areas, in addition to a commercial area with a food court.

Cascais Bay, part of the larger Bayview development project, consists in turn of four buildings each named after a beach in Cascais. The apartments offer stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean and are only a few meters from the bay of Cascais.

From the outset of the project, great importance was attached to acoustic comfort. The technical rooftop areas and the three swimming pools inside of the apartment complex needed to be acoustically treated in order to meet the high acoustic standards.

An inertia block made of a Stravifloor Deck concrete floating floor system with a natural frequency of 6-8 Hz was installed under the rooftop technical equipment, preventing vibrations from these heavy machines to travel throughout the building structure.

The same type of floor system adapted to reach a natural frequency of 7-9 Hz was used to acoustically decouple the indoor swimming pools. Resilient Stravibase Lateral mat solutions installed on the pool perimeters prevent vibrations from various pool activities to prpagate sideways and create a noise problem in the adjoining apartments.