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Why We Rebranded

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Interview with the Marketing & Communications Manager

How did you experience this rebranding journey?

To say that I’ve been thinking a lot about branding lately is something of an understatement. From the moment I joined the company, the idea of changing CDM’s name has been the subject of much deliberation and discussion. After all, changing the name of a well-known provider of noise and vibration isolation solutions, trusted by over thousands of people, is not something to take lightly.

Convinced that a new brand name was a necessary pre-requisite for our long-term ambitions, we embarked on the months of planning and preparation that went into last month’s unveiling of CDM Stravitec.


After many years of successful business as CDM, why did you change the name, and why now?

Name changes are often the refuge of companies looking to escape a less-than-glorious past. But there are also many renames made by businesses that, like CDM, simply outgrew their original, descriptive moniker. As CDM grew spectacularly over the last couple of decades and far outgrew its original use case of only manufacturing composite damping materials for a small selection of industries, we decided it was time to change our name to CDM Stravitec - a less descriptive but very fitting and inspired choice that allowed the brand to expand into a wide variety of operations.

I’m sure that not everyone will like it, but CDM Stravitec is certainly a more memorable name. The primary objective was to launch a strong, unique brand name and I’m convinced we’ve achieved that. We are proud of our new name, as it respects our history and at the same time, represents the current breadth of our services. This is also why we decided to build upon our previous logo, so that both new and old customers can relate. Though simplicity was the main aim, we also wanted to give the wordmark something extra. The three vertical bars in between CDM and Stravitec adds a playfulness that conveys both the idea of sound propagation and going the extra mile, precisely what CDM Stravitec is all about. We decided to keep our tagline ‘making your world a quieter place’ because that is still what we do, what our mission is, bringing much needed tranquility and well-being to our increasingly hectic and busy world.

This year is significant for us as 2021 marks the 70th anniversary of our company. A milestone in our corporate evolution. It is an anniversary that makes us extremely proud and grateful that we are a part of something that has been changing lives for seven decades. Evolution has been a vital part of the 70 years of success, and this brand refresh further highlights that commitment to progress.


With the new name out there, is the work done?

Let me start by saying that I’m proud of the amazing work done by everyone involved. Rebranding is not an easy undertaking and certainly not the achievement of a single person, but of a whole team.

But of course, the real work starts here. Now we must instill our new brand with meaning. Over the next months and years we’ll continue to work hard to deliver on that promise and provide our customers with the best possible service and solutions. I’m convinced that, as we continue to deliver great acoustic solutions, the name CDM Stravitec will cease to be a mere word and become a strong brand. Marketing will start to roll out a complete refresh of every touch point, including brochures, datasheets, installation manuals and stationery. The new corporate website which we launched at the same time as our new name, is only the first of many exciting updates. Our new visual identity, with its playful design and colour palette, will be the common thread, while at the same time setting us apart from the competition.

With a new strong name, a clear identity and great determination and dedication, it is now up to each and every one of us to promote CDM Stravitec to the best of our ability and to appear as the close-knit family that we are.

We decided it was time to change our name to CDM Stravitec - a less descriptive but very fitting and inspired choice that allowed the brand to expand into a wide variety of operations.

Sven Dekerk

Marketing & Communications Manager