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Introducing: Stravifloor Jackup-R

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Redesigning an already great solution

As part of our broader rebranding process and with performance and user-friendliness in mind, we redesigned our Stravifloor Jackup concrete floating floor system. Your feedback in combination with our experience installing jack-up floor systems has thought us a great deal and led us to improve our offering, not only changing the way the system looks, but also how it performs and can be installed. By opting for robot welding, we improved the weld quality of the steel boxes, improving overall esthetics, as well as reducing production time. Tube laser cutting technology allows us to create sharper tolerances. 

To make installation as straightforward as possible, customers will receive preassembled frames with the lids properly sealed using a branded sticker. After the boxes have been installed and the concrete has been poured, one simply has to remove the sticker and unscrew the lid to open the box.