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Stravigym XP
JOHN REED Fitness Rotterdam (interior)
RSG Group GmbH
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As fitness companies compete to stand out, the internationally operating RSG Group, owner of well-known gym chain brands such as Gold’s Gym and McFIT, recently launched JOHN REED Fitness, a completely new studio concept that combines fitness, music, and design to create a unique training atmosphere.

JOHN REED Fitness, Berlin’s famous fitness export is opening new clubs across Europe and the USA. The club in Rotterdam follows the brand’s concept of mixing cosmopolitan design, live DJs and a variety of workout options. JOHN REED Fitness is unique in that it combines fitness with music and design to create a unique training environment. Expect to see giant statues of snakes, street art, neon lighting, fancy night club interiors with DJ booths and other over the top design elements making each JOHN REED Fitness club an absolute feast for the eyes. To say that working out at JOHN REED Fitness is and experience is somewhat of an understatement.

JOHN REED Fitness Rotterdam looks nothing but amazing. The 2,500 square metre gym is spread out over four floors. On the top floor you find a wellness area, whereas the ground floor houses the main entrance and coffee bar.

To be able to use all rooms simultaneously, high demands were made on sound insulation. The so-called ‘’Course Room’’ is a room where group lessons are held while playing dance music. This called for a floating floor that also provides good sound isolation as low frequencies. As a result of this stringent requirement and the limitation with regard to the weight that could be added (the base floor cannot bear too much extra weight), the Stravigym XP floor system was chosen.

The lightweight and quick to install floating floor system with discrete isolators and dBooster® technology can absorb the energy from very high impacts and copes well with low frequency vibrations, making it ideal for use in free weight areas and zones with loud music and intensive movements.