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iQ Student Accommodation Gym

United Kingdom
Stravigym GympactLayer
Stravigym HP
iQ Student Accommodation Gym (architectural rendering)
iQ Student Accommodation
Galliford Try
Studio Anyo

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Nestled within Nottingham's Creative Quarter, the Lower Parliament Street site will soon host a modern student haven. Standing tall at 5/6 stories high, this purpose-built accommodation offers 215 beds to students from University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent University. 

The design boasts an array of living spaces, including studios, accessible studios, and en-suite rooms, forming cozy clusters across its 6,729 square meters. Beyond the confines of the rooms, a rooftop terrace, communal spaces, private dining, gym, and laundry amenities await. The ground floor buzzes with a food and beverage unit, while an existing network substation finds its new home here. 

Set against the backdrop of Sneiton Market Conservation Area, this development seamlessly merges urban living with independent retail, encompassing lively bars, restaurants, cafes, galleries, and theaters. With pathways for pedestrians and cyclists woven into the city's fabric, all corners of the city center are within easy reach.

In the communal gym, an advanced acoustic solution ensures a serene workout environment. The lightweight Stravigym HP acoustic floating floor system has been expertly incorporated, effectively curbing the transmission of vibrations and impact noise stemming from rigorous exercise equipment like weights and treadmills. The system's quick and easy installation, allowed us to meet even the most demanding schedules. Wooden shims have been strategically placed beneath the isolation bearings to ensure a level finished floor at the desired elevation.

This innovative setup features the Stravigym GympactLayer-20, a specialized layer designed for absorbing impacts, followed by the installation of the Stravigym GympactFloor-T puzzle tile, providing both functionality and an appealing finishing touch. 

By synergizing the Stravigym HP floating foor with Stravigym GympactLayer-20, a groundbreaking system emerges, achieving an exceptional isolation frequency of under 10Hz.