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Fitness Dock - Sete Rios

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Fitness Dock - Sete Rios (interior)
Fitness Dock
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Fitness Dock, a new gym chain entering the Portuguese market, recently opened it’s first club in Sete Rios, Lisbon. Before the end of the year, the young brand is expecting to open two more clubs, one at Areeiro and one at Benfica.

Fitness Dock features a unique concept that privileges color and plenty of natural light. Unlike many other clubs, the ones from Fitness Dock are characterized by large open spaces divided into 4 distinct zones: Cross Training, Open Studio, Free Weights, and Cardio/Strength. The Open Studio where group classes are being held, is in the middle of the gym without any doors or walls separating it from the rest of the club.

Fitness Dock Sete Rios is located on the ground floor of a commercial and residential premium condominium in the Campolide district in Lisbon. The gym is situated right beneath apartments and above commercial offices. To avoid noise complaints from both residents and those working in the building, the gym had to be acoustically treated.

After the initial acoustic measurements conducted by InAcoustics, it became clear that the free weight area in particular was the most critical zone and thus, that it had to be treated to prevent future problems.

A Stravigym XP ‘extreme performance’ gym floating floor using GympactLayer-45 as impact layer and equipped with our patented dBooster® technology for superior structural resistance and acoustical performance was installed.