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EuropaCorp La Joliette

Stravifloor Prefab
EuropaCorp La Joliette (interior)
EuropaCorp La Joliette
Acoustique et Conseil

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Located a stone’s throw from the Tour La Marseillaise, the 12,000 m² complex of EuropaCorp La Joliette will include 14 cinemas. The first screenings at the EuropaCorp La Joliette cinema should begin in December 2018.

Marseille needed a new cinema that would offer comfort to spectators and would be equipped with the latest technological innovations. For this €25 million project, GSE has chosen CDM Stravitec to supply acoustic floating floors for the isolation of cinemas.

According to the recommendations of the acoustic consultant Acoustique et Conseil, anti-vibration supports intended for the construction of floating floors in cinemas 3/ 4/ 9 and 10 had to meet a resonance frequency of less than 8 Hz. In order to meet this objective, CDM Stravitec chose the Stravifloor Prefab system for the treatment of the 4 rooms, with the resilient supports glued on the underside of the MDF panels. This system supports a 10cm concrete slab and leave an air gap of 40mm after deflection of the pads.