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Stravibase Fix
Straviwood WallBreak-S
Brahmslaan Leiden
W.u.J. Derix / Sustay
Adviesbureau Geuijen

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At Brahmslaan in Leiden, where Gymsport Leiden used to have its home, now stands a wooden residential complex consisting of 25 apartments. Despite cross-laminated timber (CLT) being a more sustainable and emission-free building material, it is still quite rare in modern day construction. Wood also has the advantage of being much lighter than concrete and steel, making it easier to transport and handle on site, which in turn speeds up the building process. CLT walls and modules can also be reused once a building has ended its life cycle. What else stands out is that despite its modest height of only two floors, the building has an elevator. The front doors are all located along the extra-wide gallery that also serves as a balcony, which stimulates social interaction between neighbours.

To counteract flanking transmission, the CLT roof floors are placed on Straviwood WallBreak-S polyurethane foam strips. The elastic isolator acoustically decouples the floors and walls, thereby guaranteeing proper noise and vibration isolation.

The screw connection of the roof plate in the wall is also acoustically decoupled using the Stravibase Fix system.