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BGO Waalwijk

Straviwood ModuLink
Straviwood WallBracket
Straviwood WallBreak-S
BGO Expat Housing, De Wit Drunen
EKOFLIN BV / Van de Laar
Goedehuizen architectenbureau
JV2 Bouwadvies
Tim Rutjes

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On the Valkenvoortweg in Waalwijk, on the former site of café “het Snoekske”, a campus for 270 expats is currently under construction. Commissioned by Brabants Glorie Ontwikkeling (BGO), this temporary housing complex, consisting of six residential blocks, is being built by Ekoflin, from the foundations up entirely of solid CLT (Cross Laminated Timber).
By using CLT, the construction will be relatively light and in addition, CLT is a very sustainable material. The timber will retain heat and absorb CO₂. The wood used for this project will store over 7.5 tonnes of CO₂.

Working closely with Ekoflin, we used our expertise to address the acoustic challenge and proposed various decouplers for optimal sound insulation. Starting from the first floor, all CLT walls were decoupled using high-quality elastic strips, type Straviwood WallBreak-S, which effectively isolate impact sounds and vibrations.
Three types of polyurethane foam strips 12.5mm thick were used for this project.

Using the Straviwood WallBracket, the walls were anchored to the floor acoustically decoupled.

For additional structural rigidity, two variants of the Straviwood ModuLink were placed between the houses, which also ensure that wind loads can be transferred.
A steel structure will be built between two residential blocks, which will be linked to the CLT residential blocks. To prevent vibrations being transmitted from the steel structure to the residential blocks, the Stravibase Fix system has been deployed.