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1 Knightsbridge Gym

United Kingdom
Stravigym HP
1 Knightsbridge (exterior)
Apax Partners
BW Interiors Ltd
Sandy Brown
Morey Smith

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Step into a realm of sophistication and sustainable innovation with the newly refurbished One Knightsbridge, offering an impressive 121,000 sq ft of exceptional office space in a prime location overlooking Hyde Park. Situated amidst Hyde Park Corner's luxurious hotels, this six-story multi-tenanted space seamlessly combines elegance with sustainable functionality.

As a beacon of environmentally friendly design, One Knightsbridge stands as a testament to the fusion of aesthetics and ecological responsibility.

With an emphasis on employee well-being, the office incorporates wellness features such as green spaces, natural light optimization, advanced air quality systems, and among the many amenities, a fully-equipped gym.

On the 4th floor of 1 Knightsbridge, a cutting-edge Stravigym HP acoustical floating floor, featuring discrete isolators and our patented dBooster® technology designed to absorb high-impact energy and manage low-frequency vibrations, has been expertly installed.

Precision shimming of bearings and the strategic placement of timber battens were employed to achieve a level floor finish, successfully overcoming the challenges posed by the uneven structural slab.

To address a soft spot in the slab without compromising acoustic integrity, tailored adaptations were made.

Additionally, two floor penetrations were strategically incorporated to facilitate the installation of future floor-mounted plug sockets.

This innovative flooring solution not only effectively minimizes vibrations and impact noise generated by exercise equipment but also elevates the overall gym environment, seamlessly integrating with the offices situated below.