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Stravifloor Jackup

Goldring Centre for High Performance Sport

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Main Characteristics

  • Available with either spring bearings or natural rubber pads

  • Natural frequency: 6 Hz (with elastomeric pads) or 2.5 Hz (with springs) (2'' (50 mm) deflection)

  • Product standard height: 4'' (100 mm), 6'' (150 mm) and 8'' (200 mm)

  • Minimum system height: 4-3/8'' (110 mm) (with elastomeric pads) or 4-3/16'' (105 mm) (with springs)

  • Minimum air gap: 3/4'' (10 mm) (with elastomeric pads) or 3/16'' (5 mm) (with springs)


*Previously known as CDM-MONT

  • Extreme Performance

    Extreme Performance

    Uses elastomeric isolators with low stiffness and high resilience, achieving a natural frequency of ≥ 6 Hz or springs achieving a natural frequency of ≥ 2.5 Hz.

  • Jack-up System

    Jack-up System

    The isolated slab is raised off the structure to the required void depth once the concrete has cured.

  • Replaceable & Inspectable

    Replaceable & Inspectable

    Uses isolators that remain accessible, inspectable and replaceable during installation phase or even after installation and concrete pour.

  • Low Risk of Acoustical Bridging

    Low Risk of Acoustical Bridging

    Provides the least amount of contact points reducing the potential for acoustical bridging.

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