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Swimming pools and spas typically occurred in single-storey commercial buildings, but today they are more and more common in high-rise residential buildings as space becomes increasingly scarce.

Podium pools present a number of design challenges compared to in-ground swimming pools. As the risk of installation errors is considerably higher, they require additional construction measures. One of those risks, is the transmission of structure-borne noise, associated with people diving and children playing, as well as pool mechanical equipment, including massage jets, integrated waterfalls and pumps. A specialist approach, incorporating an elastic suspension for the pool’s structure, covering both bottom and walls of the pool shell, is required and offers several advantages.

Pool Overview

Main Advantages

  • Added Value

    Added Value

    A selection of Stravibase and Stravifloor isolation solutions are particularly well-suited for the decoupling of swimming pools and spas.

  • Increased User Comfort

    Increased User Comfort

    Acoustically decoupling pools, spas, and pool mechanics increases user comfort in adjacent spaces.

  • Long-lasting & Durable

    Long-lasting & Durable

    Stravibase and Stravifloor solutions have a long lifespan and are very durable.

  • Suitable For All Types Of Swimming Pools

    Suitable For All Pool Types

    Efficient solutions for all types of swimming pools & support structures.

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