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Continued Education Library

In today’s competitive environment, it is important for professionals to keep developing their skills and knowledge. CDP or Continuing Professional Development courses can play a vital part in this, contributing to an individual’s personal growth and success.

At CDM Stravitec, we believe that sharing industry knowledge is crucial to our mission of making this world a quieter place. Proper understanding of the sound and vibration isolation properties of different systems, the way sound propagates and the many pitfalls that acoustic insulation brings are essential.

With that in mind, we have developed the CDM Stravitec Continued Education Library, an online learning resource for acoustical consultants, engineers, and contractors who want to explore how acoustics can positively impact wellbeing.

In this library, you find CPD-accredited courses and more. Register for a scheduled CPD course or request a specific webinar demonstration for your firm.

Note: once a week, on Friday evening, those registering for one or more of our CPD-accredited courses will be notified by e-mail.