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Building base isolation comprised structural mitigation measures for the noise and vibrations generated by rail and road traffic.

Gyms in multi-purpose buildings pose great challenges in terms of noise and vibration isolation. Stravigym floating floors effectively manage high noise levels.

Noise & vibration isolation solutions for high-performance spaces such as recording studios, cinemas, theatres, concert halls and other sound-sensitive spaces.

Lightweight timber constructions transmit low frequency noise very efficiently, requiring specific acoustic solutions to comply with local building regulations.

Multifunctional buildings, combining residential and commercial spaces, such as private apartments, car parks, supermarkets require effective sound insulation.

Building service equipment are essential to the occupancy of a building, but they also negatively impact the acoustic comfort within the building.

Modern buildings often include indoor or rooftop pools, spa’s and jacuzzi’s as well as heliports, which can adversely impact the comfort of the occupants.