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Hotel Damier

Stravifloor Prefab
Stravilink PHR
Stravilink WH
Hotel Damier (restaurant)
Hotel Damier
Verhamme + De Vel Architecten
EVA int.

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Hotel Damier is an historic upmarket hotel with an impressive guest list including George Bush, Margaret Thatcher, Eddy Merckx, Adamo and Sheryl Crow and is located in the “Grote Markt” in Courtray.

Because of a recent extension to Hotel Damier, to provide space for a hotel bar, the acoustic consultant specified a box-in-box approach to prevent noise generated in the bar area from becoming a nuisance in other areas of the hotel.

The CDM Stravitec box-in-box design comprised:

  • Stravifloor Prefab bespoke modular acoustic floating floor designed with an oversized void to accommodate the various building services ducts, pipes and cables – these also had to be isolated where they penetrated through the floating floor. This type of floor is quick and easy to install, thereby minimising disruption to the building. The modular floor can be designed to accommodate any working load and deflection and to accomodate any building services
  • Stravilink WH resilient wall ties used to isolate the secondary wall, which were supported off the Stravifloor Prefab floor, from the supporting walls
  • Stravilink PHR resilient spring ceiling hangers were used to isolate the heavy suspended ceiling from the supporting structure.

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