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Stravifloor Prefab

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Main Characteristics

  • Natural frequency: ≥ 6 Hz (with elastomeric pads) or ≥ 2.5 Hz mm (with springs)

  • Product standard height: 30 mm and 50 mm (elastomeric pads) or 89 mm (springs)

  • Minimum system height: 130 mm (concrete/screed) or 70 mm (timber/cement boards)

  • Minimum air gap: 30 mm


*Previously known as CDM-FLOAT

  • High Performance

    High Performance

    Available with either natural rubber elastomeric pads and springs.

  • Discrete System

    Discrete System

    Discrete floating floor system incorporating an air void to maximize airborne noise isolation and better impact noise isolation in low frequency range. 

  • Low Risk of Installation Errors

    Low Risk of Installation Errors

    Pre-manufactured modular floating floor.

  • Easy & Quick Installation

    Easy & Quick Installation

    Delivered on site with detailed installation drawings making it exceptionally easy and quick to install.

Case Studies