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Basic-Fit Schaerbeek

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Basic-Fit Schaarbeek
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In early July 2021 a brand-new Basic-Fit opened its doors in Schaerbeek. The gym is located on the ground floor and first floor of a residential complex. The club is one of the largest of its kind in Belgium. CDM Stravitec can proudly present this fitness centre as one of the larger gym projects it has recently worked on. There was also some time pressure. The installation of the floating floors could only start in May, so we only had two months to complete the entire process.

The fitness area consists of different levels with different functions. Downstairs there is a large free weight and strength zone, as well as areas for weight machines, cardio and GXR. On the first floor there is a functional zone, a stretch and ABS zone and a "freeweight light" zone. All zones are very different from each other and also in terms of thermal insulation, several types of floating floors had to be installed.



The "freeweight" zone and the "strength" zone on the ground floor are important in terms of sound insulation because of the large impacts and excitations. For this reason, both zones were equipped with a high-performance floating floor. In the "free weight" zone a Stravigym XP system with double impact layer was installed. In the "strength" zone a Stravigym HP floating floor (without impact mat) proved to be the best choice. These lightweight floating floor systems consist of a number of layers of OSB (with high damping elastic layers in between), which are mounted on top of specially designed channels (placed on top of elastomeric pads). In this way, a "mass-spring-mass" system is created that acts as a filter for the transfer of impact energy to the building structure.

The "functional" zone on the first floor of the complex is also equipped with a Stravigym XP system. On the same level there is also a "freeweight light" zone that is fitted with the Stravigym HP floor system, albeit with a single impact mat, and an adjacent "stretch & ABS" zone, in which a Stravigym HP floor system is also installed.


On the ground floor, both the "Stravigym XP" and the "Stravigym HP" were raised with wooden beams on top of the resilient channels. A 22 cm thick layer of mineral wool could then be installed between these beams. This was essential in order to meet the thermal insulation requirements, as there is a (non-insulated) parking level on the underground level. However, the mounted joists significantly increased the bending stiffness of the channels, which required careful levelling during installation. In this way, the considerable irregularities and unevenness in the structural floor were compensated for. The challenge was met within the specified time frame, so that we can speak of a success.