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Stravifloor & Stravigym: Accessible via the NBS Construction Specification Platform

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The construction industry is evolving rapidly, with new regulations and a growing emphasis on digitization. In this changing landscape, it is crucial for product manufacturers to provide accurate, up-to-date, and verified digital product information. That's where the NBS Construction Specification Platform comes in. NBS (National Building Specification) is an integrated global platform designed for everyone involved in the design, supply, and construction of the built environment. And we are excited to announce that CDM Stravitec is now listed on this platform as a manufacturer, joining the ranks of over 1,100 manufacturers.

What exactly is specification and why is it important? 

Specification is the art of recording the detailed requirements for a construction project, encompassing everything from materials to standards. NBS simplifies the specification process, empowering architects, specifiers, and engineers to write their specifications effectively. With their market-leading platforms, NBS Chorus and NBS Source, specifiers can now access a wealth of product information in one place. This streamlined approach allows specifiers to confidently and efficiently select products while providing manufacturers with a unique opportunity to showcase their offerings at the right time.

NBS software enables us to expose our noise and vibration isolation solutions at every stage of the project timeline, providing the right information to specifiers at each phase.

Through the NBS platforms, specifiers and manufacturers can collaborate better than ever before. This cloud-based technology platform enriches construction specifications, making them smarter, more detailed, and future-proof. As a solution provider, CDM Stravitec is proud to announce that the technical specifications of five of our Stravifloor and Stravigym solutions are now accessible via NBS Source. Additionally, our product literature, brochures, case studies, third-party certificates, and other relevant data are available, enabling our products to be seamlessly integrated into commercial specifications through the NBS platform.

How does this benefit you, our customers? 

The NBS software provides all information in a standardized template, making it easy to compare different products. By accessing the NBS platform, you can integrate our product specifications directly into your project specifications, ensuring a seamless and efficient workflow. Whether you are in the early stages of concept development or in the technical design phase, NBS Source offers powerful search capabilities to help you find the right solutions and partner for your projects. The structured properties, values, and technical information enable quick product assessment and selection. With features like product comparison, you can make informed decisions tailored to your specific requirements. Alternatively, you can download product information for future reference.

At CDM Stravitec, we firmly believe in connected information. We recognize that product selection can occur at various stages of a project, from initial concepts to technical design and construction. Specifiers require different types of information at each stage, and manufacturers must ensure they provide the relevant data. NBS allows us to present our noise and vibration isolation solutions at the right time, with the right information

Click here to check out our Stravifloor and Stravigym solutions on NBS.