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Timber Construction: New Brochure Available!

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Timber Construction


The requirement to decarbonise the construction industry has led to an increase in demand in wood construction, due to its ability to sequester more carbon than is omitted during its construction.

Timber solutions can be an excellent substitute for more traditional, stiffer and heavier building materials such as concrete and steel, especially when some of their inherent properties aren’t required. The use of mass timber products allows for the reduction of the carbon footprint of the built environment while being safe to handle, simple to cut and shape and offering good thermal properties, treated by our teams and solutions for over a decade.

It is encouraging to see mass timber becoming a popular choice for construction of modern buildings because we see plenty of evidence around the world to support the fact that it has stood the test of time. As well as offering longevity, its natural warmth brings a certain charm to buildings in much the same way as enjoyed by our ancestors.

Our expertise extends to designing isolation systems which are often tailored to specific needs, and wood construction and its acoustical challenges have been treated by our teams and solutions since ever. As an example, we have successfully treated many joist floors and wood framed roofs for conversion projects in several major European cities.

Find out more about how to acoustically treat timber construction in our newest brochure. Download it now and discover how our solutions can make your world a quieter place!