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Quarteirão Bonjardim

Stravifloor Deck
Stravifloor Mat
Quarteirão Bonjardim
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The Bonjardim headquarters, a site extensively renovated from the former D. João I headquarters, consists of five distinct buildings dedicated to residential condominiums and a student hotel.

Conveniently located just a short distance from Avenida dos Aliados and Mercado do Bolhão, this development comprises a residential condominium with 93 apartments and 16 shops seamlessly woven into the urban fabric. This is a place where tradition meets with modernity, offering residents the opportunity to experience the true essence of Porto.

Various Stravifloor Mat resilient floating floors were used across distinct zones within the buildings to address diverse acoustic requirements.

A customized vibration isolation solution was created, using discrete elastomeric pads, to effectively isolate a rooftop athletics track.

The Stravifloor Deck system is a low-profile floating floor system featuring a proprietary dovetailed metal deck designed for light concrete pours. The system's impressive bending stiffness accommodates concrete toppings of different thicknesses (ranging from 70 to 90 mm), essential for maintaining a level running surface on a sloped roof designed for efficient water drainage.

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