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Hertsi Shopping Center

Stravifloor Channel
Stravifloor Mat
Hertsi Shopping Center (exterior)
Consortium Hertsi
Helimäki Akustikot / Sitowise Oy
Vesa Voitto Sakari

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Hertsi is a new shopping center in the heart of the rapidly developing Herttoniemi district in Helsinki. The shopping center serves approximately 80.000 customers every week.

The mixed-use property has a gross leasable area of 23.000 sqm and houses specialty stores, coffee shops, restaurants, a hypermarket, youth club, public library, multiple gyms, a daycare center, and even a retirement home.

The interior design of the building has been done by Rune & Berg Design, which has brought in colour, joy and interesting details.

For the first time in Helsinki, a library, youth center, and home for the elderly is placed in the same premises, making good noise and vibration isolation even more important.

To reduce the low-frequency noise generated by rolling pallet stackers and shopping carts in the Hertsi mixed-use shopping center, a Stravifloor Mat floating floor was installed. Elsewhere in the building, a Stravifloor Channel system with steel channels over natural rubber pads, prevents vibrations coming from the youth center from causing a noise problem in the adjacent retirement home.

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